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Diving Equipment

Diving Equipment | Diving Santa Marta | Diving School

What do I need to dive ? For those who are considering diving courses and wondering what equipment is needed, hereis a brief summary. First, be aware that by taking scuba lessons in our school you don´t have to worry about the equipment; We provide it, depending on your level. In addition, the equipment varies according to the geographical location and the depth to which you wish to dive. - The basic equipement (fins, mask, snorkel) also allows to practice the activity of snorkeling .

Furthermore : – The tank (diving cylinder ), filled with compressed air ( mixture of nitrogen and oxygen). – A stabilizing jacket and a loading belt. – The regulator is used to breathe underwater; it also tells us how much air is left in the diving bottle.

Some regulators are equipped with compass and depth gauge. The dive computer: His use is strongly recommended because i indicates simultaneously the depth at which one is, the time that one can stay at this depth and the total time since the beginning of the dive. - A diving suit: it main function is to protect from the cold. There are several types and thicknesses depending on the temperature of the water: Wetsuits Drysuits Semi drysuits

For a dive in the Tayrona park a wetsuit is sufficient.

In our diving school, all equipment is provided in compliance with the safety standards required bylaw.

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