Fun dive with Nitrox

For people who want to stay longer underwater !

Duration : half day - price : 250 000 pesos

Fun Dive

For certified divers who want to have fun underwater !

Duration : half day - price : 180 000 pesos

Discover Snorkeling

It's a boat trip in the Tayrona Park where you will have the opportunity to explore fauna and wild life of the magical place of the Colombian coast ; Equipment included (flippers, mask , snorkel), drinks and snacks.

Duration : half day - price : 100 000 pesos

Discover Scuba Diving

It's an introduction to scuba-diving which includes theorical talk where you will learn the basics of diving, followed by 2 dives in the sea with an instructor.

Duration : half day - price : 220 000 pesos

Scuba Diver

If you don't have much time to become a certified diver and you want to go diving mainly with a guide, this option could be for you.

This course wil result in a limited certification in only 2 days.

Later, you can take your Open Water Certification.

Duration : 2 days - price : 450 000 pesos

Scuba Tune Up

If you haven't dived for a long time, thanks to this program you will be able to practice and improve your abilities.

Duration : half day - price : 190 000 pesos

Open Water

PADI Open Water Diver level : You begin this course in a swimming-pool or similar conditions where you play the appropriate exercises to become an autonomous diver. After the confined water sessions, you have 4 dives in the Tayrona National Natural Park.

Duration : 3 days - Price : 700 000 pesos, and 68,90 USD that you pay directly to PADI by credit card (that include the book and your certification PADI)

Advanced Open Water

This level includes 5 dives of which 2 are compulsory (deep diving and navigation) . Then you will be able to choose among other submarine adventures such as under sea numerical photography, wreck diving, Nitrox, mastering float and other theme dives.

Duration : 2 days - price : 700 000 pesos, and 62, 85 USD that you pay directly to PADI by credit card (that include the book and your certification PADI)

EFR (Emergency First Response)

First aid and RCP are necessary for people involded in adventure sports.

You need this diploma for PADI Rescue Diver course.

What you will learn in EFR first aid course :

• SVB ( Basic Life Support ) RCR and artificial breathing at no-professional level

• How to use AED (automated external defibrilator) (optional)

• Prevention and treatment when impact.

• How to manage medullary traumas

• Safety barriers against illness transmission

• First aid basics and first aid kit.

Duration : half day - price : 260 000 pesos

Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver training will teach you how to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage emergencies when diving. Many divers say it is the best course they have never done.

You will learn :

• Self-saving and stress of the diver.

• How to handle equipment and emergency.

• Help a diver who is panicking

• The various stages of safety in water.

• Coming out of the water.

• Simulation of diving accidents ( role play)

Duration : 3 days - price : 700 000 pesos, and 65, 85 USD that you pay directly to PADI by credit card (that include the book and your certification PADI)

Master Scuba Diver

With PADI Master Scuba Diver course you reach the highest level of leisure diving. It means you have obtained significant training and experience in the diving world.

Number of dives :

Minimum number of dives recorded in the log book : 50

PADI Rescue Diver or junior Rescue Diver (or equivalent certification of an other training organism), 12 years old, 5 certificates of PADI specialities.


Working in close collaboration with a PADI instructor, in this program you develop your knowledge of diving and improve your abilities up to a professional level.

PADI divemaster training course will help you to develop your capacities of leadership, to qualify you to supervise diving activities and to assist the instructors during the diving courses.

During the program PADI Divemaster you will touch on exercises and technics of endurance as well as exercises of aquatic training, improving of organisational abilities and solving problems.

Number of dives .

Minimum number of dives recorded in the log book : 60 for the certification


PADI Divemaster :

Development of knowledges : 12 subjects going from diving theory to how to help diving people.

Required conditions :

• PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent certification of an other training organism).

• Rescue Diver PADI (or equivalent certification of an other training organism)

• 40 dives recorded in the log book.

• 18 years old minimum.

Duration : 1 month - price : 2 900 000 pesos

Specialty Courses


Essential speciality to work in the diving field and to spend more time under water


Special PADI Deep Diver course offers possibility of diving up to 40 m/120 ft.


AWARE Fish Identification

PADI spéciality Fish Project AWARE Identification give you the basics to identify all sorts of fish that you will identify in your next dives.



Wrecks form artificial reefs ,a special habitat for a big variety of nautical fauna.

• It is often a wide spread area with the engine rooms, motors, parts which are not ordinarily seen in a working ship.

• Learning the history of the ship and of the shipwreck conditions add an important aspect to the dive.

• It is another type of dive requiring special preparation and abilities.


With this special course you will learn all the necessary points to be able to orient yourself under water in all circumstances.


PADI course speciality AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation teaches divers and non-divers the fundamental role of coral reefs in the sea world. This course makes the participants aware of the current state of the reefs.

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